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Posting your e-mail address on your web site is risky at best. There are literally millions of bot machines that do nothing but skim e-mail addresses from web sites and then use them to send their obnoxious spam or even viruses/malware.

Now there is no need to expose your personal information to the world. Just by pasting a bit of safe HTML code on your website, you can have a contact form for your visitors to use without leaving your site.

Remove your email addresses from your site and install one of our unique forms to provide a safe means of contact with your visitors


  • Visitors never leave your site while submitting the form.
  • Messages will be sent directly to your email box or view them in your control panel.
  • Up to four configurable questions.
  • Change Border Color, Text Color, Text Size and Background Images
  • Option for simple form without borders and background image.
  • Set return Address to page that visitors are sent to after submitting form.
  • Messages are stored with options to delete and/or archive each message.
  • Spambot detection, anti-flood control and optional profanity filter
  • Free 30 Day Trial Version...img

Tested with the latest versions of:
Internet Explorer 10, Firefox, Chrome, Safari,
IPhone and IPad